Tammy Wynette Legacy Park Nearly Complete In Tremont, MS

Tammy Wynette Legacy Park

For most purposes, work on converting a one-time factory into a museum tribute for Tremont-native country music legend Tammy Wynette is done. Once opened, the building and its adjoining park, named the Tammy Wynette Legacy Park, has been planned to attract country music fans from around the world, driving much-needed tourism dollars into the small town and county.

The Tammy Wynette Legacy Park Committee currently is in a holding pattern while awaiting several major next steps that will fill the building with all the reasons people will come to see it. That includes finalizing some arrangements that will secure a number of Wynette’s personal belongings. Before the gift shop can be filled with T-shirts and other memorabilia visitors might like to purchase, any potential vendors will have to have their items approved by Wynette’s rights holders. Despite the holdup, project leaders are still aiming for an early spring grand opening.

At some undetermined point in the future, the group also plans to renovate a second, nearby building and relocate the empty Shady Valley Church building, where Wynette used to perform, to the park.

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Photo by Adam Armour

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