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June – 1995

One is Tammy’s final project, the last album that she would record and release.

“With Jones allegedly sober, and Tammy’s health failing fast, they gave it one more try, on record anyway, for a much ballyhooed reunion, 15 years after their last duets, and 20 years after trading in their own golden rings … And when they put their voices together on “Just Look What We’ve Started Again,” nearly everyone hoped it was true.“
Alanna Nash

Track List
1. One
2. It’s an Old Love Thing
3. Whatever Happened to Us
4. Will You Travel Down This Road with Me
5. (She’s Just) An Old Love Turned Memory
6. If God Met You
7. Just Look What We’ve Started
8. Again
9. Solid as a Rock
10. They’re Playing Our Song
11. All I Have to Offer You Is Me